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Compatibility and Installation

GELID GX-7 is compatible with all contemporary platforms, though the sample we had at our disposal wasn’t yet modified to fit the new LGA 2011 socket. The installation procedure is described in detail in the following manual. The first step is to prepare the universal backplate, where you insert special threaded mounts:

At the same time you need to attach steel retention brackets to the base of the cooler using included screws:

AMD (left), Intel (right)

After that you apply a thin even layer of thermal paste to the CPU heat-spreader, install the cooler on top and tighten the screw-nuts with springs beneath them. This retention provides very high pressure hold and is highly reliable.

This retention mechanism allows GELID GX-7 to be installed in any position including the AMD platforms, where most cooling systems can often be installed only one way. GX-7 doesn’t have this restriction. During our tests on the LGA 1366 platforms the cooler’s efficiency didn’t depend on the position, in which it was installed on the CPU:


In both positions GELID GX-7 cooled the CPU the same way, and very soon we are going to find out how well. This is what GELID GX-7 looks like inside a system case with two cooling fans attached:

I would like to add that the distance from the lower heatsink fin to the mainboard surface is only 42 mm, and the fans hang another 4-5 mm below the heatsink, which may create some issues with tall heatsinks on the voltage regulator components around the processor socket. At the same time, this cooler doesn’t block the memory modules with tall heat-spreaders.

In conclusion I have to add that GELID GX-7 features beautiful blue LEDs:

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