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Design and Functionality

Gelid Icy Vision is a relatively small cooler measuring 216x95x52 mm and weighing 465 grams. It consists of a copper base, five copper heatpipes coming out of it, two heatsink arrays and two plastic frames with fans:



You can check out the cooler dimensions in detail on the following schematic illustration:

The heatsink is divided into two parts. The larger part consists of 46 fins and is pierced by two heatpipes, while the smaller part has 39 fins and is pierced by 3 heatpipes:


So, there is a total of 85 aluminum fins, each measuring 90x20 mm, which results into about 3,000 cm2 of effective cooling surface. The heatsink fins are 0.35-0.40 mm thick and are spaced out 1.8 mm from one another:

The heatpipes are soldered to the copper base plate as well as aluminum heatsink fins. You can clearly see soldering traces along the edges:


Note that the top of the heatpipes also contacts one of the heatsinks. The heatpipes fit tightly into the grooves and the thinnest part of the base plate beneath them measures 3 mm.

The contact surface of the heatsink base plate, which is 34x35 mm in size, is quite even, although it is finished averagely:

Although I have to admit that even though you can clearly see the machine marks on the base, you can’t really feel them to the touch.

Each of the heatsink arrays is topped with a fan in a plastic frame:

The fans have GC-VGA02-01 model number and are 90x15 mm in size. They feature 11-blade impellers glowing in UV-light. They rotate with a constant speed of 2000 RPM. At this speed Gelid declares no more than 26 dBA noise level, 67.14 CFM airflow and 1.3 mmH2O static pressure.

The fans rotors are 28 mm in diameter:

The Nanoflux bearing inside these fans should last without failing at least 50,000 hours or more than 5.5 years. The fans maximum power consumption shouldn’t exceed 6 W. Our tests showed that the fans didn’t consume more than 4.9 W and their startup voltage was 2.7 V. They come with a 200 mm long sleeved cable.

That’s about all we can say about this fairly simple cooler. Now let’s see how easy it is to install.

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