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First thing I want to say in this conclusion is that the reviewed 3D Galaxy system from Gigabyte is a complete kit for high-efficiency liquid cooling of your processor. The kit has everything necessary for immediate use. The half an hour you’ll spend deploying the system seems just a second in comparison with weeks or even months you’d spend searching, ordering and fitting together all the components of your custom cooling kit. Yes, it’s just interesting and morally satisfying and educating to create such a kit with your own hands, but not all people would like this kind of pastime.

Gigabyte’s 3D Galaxy is simple and reliable, quiet and highly efficient. At the time we were working on this review, the system was not yet selling, but was expected to come to shops in a month. Another piece of good news is that one kit will cost you only $150 in retail.

If I decided to check out this system for drawbacks really seriously, I’d point at the lack of a back-plate among the accessories, at the simplicity of the clamps (which work all right, nevertheless), and at the orientation on system cases with a 120mm fan at the rear panel. If these things do not trouble you, I do recommend this system to you (if you live in this part of the galaxy).

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