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Water-Block and Its Peculiarities

I first took the water-block out of the package. It is a copper bar, 70x70 millimeters and about 7mm thick, with a number of round-section needles:

The copper sole is encased into transparent, thick and robust Plexiglas. There are no additional grooves or something in this water-block. A stylish-looking nickel-plated steel cap with two engraved Gigabyte logos is on the top of the water-block. When the water-block is mounted on the processor, the fastening brackets hold on to two sides of this cap. The internal section of the fittings is 8 millimeters. The top cap can be removed…

…for a better view of the water-block.

The sole of the water-block is protected against accidental scratches with a glossy paper sticker:

Do not forget to remove it before mounting the water-block! I personally have twice been an unintentional witness of a client complaining to tech service about problems with his computer after he had replaced the cooler but, as it turns out later, forgot to remove the protective film/paper from the new cooler’s sole.

The sole is perfectly flat and ideally polished.

Note that the sole is thicker at the spot where the water-block touches the processor. This improves the cooling efficiency a little.

The installation of the water-block on Socket 748 and LGA775 processors is accomplished with the help of two brackets. They catch at the standard plastic frame around Socket 478 or at the frame that is enclosed with the 3D Galaxy especially for LGA775.

Gigabyte put its name on the fasteners as well as on the transparent plastic frame. Well, the 3D Galaxy is really something you can be proud of. The fastenings are stiff enough and you have to apply some serious force to mount the water-block, but it means the installed block won’t wobble on the processor’s cover. The mainboard becomes a little twisted in the process. I think a back-plate like one included with Scythe coolers would be helpful here. The installation of the water-block on Socket 754/939/940 processors is accomplished with one bracket that presses down on the central part of the water-block and is hitched to the socket’s standard plastic frame:

When the water-block is mounted, you can connect the pipes but I will discuss this step later on. Right now let’s have a look at Gigabyte’s know-how: a water-block fan.

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