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Water-Block Fan

A serious problem for people who use liquid-cooling systems is that the mainboard’s components in the vicinity of the processor socket may suffer from overheat. Some of these components heat up no less than the central processor itself. Overheat comes as the result of the lack of the stream of air that usually arrives from the CPU cooler. Gigabyte solved this problem in a simple and efficient way – they just added a low-speed noiseless 80mm fan into the 3D Galaxy package:

This device is referred to by Gigabyte as a “MOSFET Cooling Fan”. According to the manufacturer, you can reduce the temperature of the mainboard’s power elements near the CPU socket by as many as 30°C (from 90°C to 60°C) by using this simple device! The fan has a mild color, four slits in the sides to reduce the noise, and four light-blue neon LEDs to add that feel of elegancy and mystery to the components of your system case. :)

This 2000rpm ball-bearings fan actually rotates at a speed of a little below 1900rpm, feeds from 12V and connects to an ordinary connector for CPU coolers. As I said above, the fan is noiseless (its specified noise is 19dBA). The fan is fastened on the water-block by means of four plastic clips which catch at the steel cap of the water-block in four corners:

Despite the seemingly fragile fastening, the fan holds on firmly. Considering the low rotational speed, there’s no talking about vibration or beatings at work.

Next components of the Gigabyte 3D Galaxy system to be discussed are the heatsink and the pump.

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