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Accessories and Assembly

Besides the water-block with the fan, the pump with the expansion tank, and the heatsink with the 120mm fan, the 3D Galaxy kit also includes the following components in a separate plastic bag:

  • Transparent plastic frame for fastening the water-block on Socket 478 and LGA775 processors
  • Brackets for mounting the water-block on Socket 478 and LGA775
  • Clip for mounting the water-block on Socket 754/939/940
  • Aluminum bracket for fastening the fan on the rear panel of the system case
  • Speed regulator for the heatsink fan which can be put into the rear panel of the system case instead of any expansion-slot bracket
  • Six clamps
  • Some screws and Gigabyte’s thermal paste
  • Fan-control unit
  • Cable for connecting the control unit to the mainboard
  • Power cable for the pump and the expansion tank
  • 600ml tube with coolant
  • Pipe

Besides the fasteners and other small accessories, and the fan-speed controller, the tube with coolant and the pipes are noteworthy objects.

The tube saves you the trouble of searching for distilled water or antifreeze or anything. By the way, the liquid resembles car antifreeze in color and odor.

Gigabyte says this coolant is the company’s know-how and contains antiseptic additives against “undesirable forms of life”. In a dry and dark place this liquid retains its qualities for three years. When filled into the system, it should last for 12 months of use. Gigabyte recommends you to fill the expansion tank with this coolant for 80-90%. Having accomplished this simple operation, I found that some 100ml was left in the tube for further refilling.

The kit also includes one pipe: 16.5mm external diameter, 11.5mm internal diameter, and 2.5 meters long. The pipe, like the rest of the components of the 3D Galaxy system, is special. First, the name of the company is printed each 10cm of the pipe. This should help you measure and cut the pipe up precisely.

Second, the pipe is made of polyvinylchloride by a special technology that makes it shine in ultraviolet in darkness – just a nice trifle. By the way, I had about 1 meter of this pipe left after assembling the system in a standard ATX system case, so you will certainly have some left, too.

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