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The cooler base is covered with protective paper sticker warning you that it needs to be removed before installation:

As we saw when we removed the sticker the finish quality of the base surface is far from ideal:

So, if you are longing to get that nice-looking mirror shine on your cooler base, you will have to do some work on your own. Despite the non-shiny finish of the cooler base surface, it is very even, no complaints here: we checked it by placing a thermal grease print onto a test glass.

Right above the heatpipes there is a small heatsink with deep slits:

They serve to catch the clip when the cooler is installed onto Socket AM2 or Socket 754/939/940.

The heatpipes sit in the grooves in the copper base of the cooler and are soldered to the base:

There is a small PCB with connectors and simple regulator circuitry in the lower part of one of the heatsink sides:

There are two connectors for the cooler fans, one power supply connector for the mainboard and one more connector for the fan rotation speed regulator.

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