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The results of our test session indicate that Gigabyte didn’t manage to create a winner to beat the current cooling efficiency leader. But this solution will still find its customer, no doubt about that. Stylish looks, universal design, relatively simple installation procedure and low level of generated noise at minimum fan rotation speed, these are indisputable advantages. Fan highlighting alongside with the replaceable fluorescent rings will definitely win the hearts of modding fans. We also shouldn’t forget that this solution offers excellent cooling for the area around the CPU socket and comes with high-quality thermal grease. Looks like there are quite a few advantages about this product, however, for most users they might be secondary.

It is sad that despite a pretty high price of $60 Gigabyte 3D Rocket II loses over 10°C to Thermaltake Big Typhoon selling currently for $40. And that is despite the fact that we created the most favorable working conditions for this newcomer. If you install this cooler into regular system cases with solid side panel, it will be able to cope only with moderately overclocked CPUs. Of course, we can increase the fan rotation speed to the maximum and win additional 8°C, but you will hardly be eager to accept the high level of generated noise.

In conclusion I would like to once again mention all advantages and drawbacks of the new Gigabyte 3D Rocket cooling solution:


  • Simple and reliable installation;
  • Universal design (supports all contemporary platforms);
  • Good cooling of the around-the-socket area;
  • Low noise at minimal fan rotation speed;
  • High-quality thermal grease;
  • Bundled with fan rotation speed regulator;
  • Impressive exterior.


  • Insufficient cooling efficiency for the solution of this price range;
  • Requires vent holes or a fan in the side panel of the system case;
  • High noise at maximum fan rotation speed.
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