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Well, this time Gigabyte managed to design a really successful cooling solution. Its today’s performance was truly brilliant. Brilliant from all standpoints. Mirror-shine of the fan casing and mirror-shining cooler base together with shining LEDs and, of course, amazing efficiency – what a brilliant combination! The new Gigabyte G-Power II Pro cooler boasts universal design, requires elementary installation procedure, is compact at the base, noiseless at minimum fan rotation speed and very quiet at maximum fan rotation speed. Besides, it doesn’t weight too much and its design is highly efficient for cooling of around-the-socket area. What else can we need here? Of course: availability and affordable price. As for the first one, it is really hard to say anything specific yet, we’ll see how active Gigabyte’s distributors are going to be. And the second criterion – the price- is still questionable. The cooler MSRP is promised to be only $45. If the cooler starts retailing at something like that, then overclockers will undoubtedly get one of the best cooling solutions from the price-to-efficiency standpoint.

P.S.: This month Gigabyte should also start offering Gigabyte G-Power II (GH-PSU22-PC) cooler model – a simpler modification of the Gigabyte G-Power II Pro we have just reviewed. It will be smaller (101.8 x 108.4 x 150.8mm), will feature only three 6mm heatpipes and a 90-mm PWM fan with the 2300RPM rotation speed (25dBA) maximum. Hopefully this solution will cost much less than its elder brother, although this solution will not be available in the US market, as far as we know.

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