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Intel Core 2 Quad Platform

Quad-core Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor (B3 core stepping) with polished off heat-spreader cover overclocked to 3465MHz with Gigabyte G-Power II Pro cooler and its fan rotating at 1020RPM. The test was performed in with the processor core voltage increased to 1.5125V:

CPU-Z as well as other above mentioned utilities reported a slightly lower actual voltage than what was set in the mainboard BIOS, namely 1.49~1.5V. The OCCT test was once again passed successfully without any errors or throttling activation:

The results of our coolers tested with a quad-core processor are given on the diagram below:

Now you know what a hot Kentsfield B3 core stepping can do! This CPU turned super coolers in simply good coolers, and throws good coolers into a garbage can. Nevertheless, I have to point out remarkable results demonstrated by Gigabyte G-Power II Pro with a CPU boasting high heat dissipation like that. Although it lost to Thermalright SI-128, it deserves our utmost respect for such successful quad-core CPU overclocking, which far not all today’s air-cooling solutions can ensure.

As for the maximum processor frequency we managed to hit during our overclocking experiments with the new Gigabyte cooler, the picture looks as follows:

Thermalright SI-128 is evidently ahead, but the difference is not critical, especially, since Gigabyte G-Power II Pro proves a little better from the acoustic standpoint, which we are going to discuss right now.

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