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The Taiwanese GlacialTech Inc. is very well-known among computer users primarily as a manufacturer of inexpensive cooling products offering very good performance at a low price. However, they have already attempted to design a high-end cooler, which could compete against the world’s famous brands. So far, all such attempts failed. Nevertheless, we have recently learned that GlacialTech didn’t give up and continued working in this direction by launching their new Siberia and Alaska coolers. We decided to check out the most interesting product of the two, so today’ we are going to talk about Alaska. I am sure that they decided to go with this name for their product for a reason. However, I am also sure that had they decided to go with a different name, the cooler would have still become just as popular, as the part of Russia sold long before the overclocking era.

So, let’s meet the new GlacialTech cooler.

Packaging and Accessories

GlacialTech Alaska ships in a cardboard box of average size with a plastic carry handle:

There is a cooler photo on the front of the box pictured next to a snowboarder going downhill. The extensive description of the cooler features and detailed specifications are listed on the sides of the package:


The cooler sits in a special cardboard casing, with a section for retention brackets, manual and a tube of thermal paste:

By the way, GlacialTech Alaska is bundled with the new GlacialTech Ice Therm II thermal compound with very high declared thermal conductivity of 8.1 W/m°K. We are going to check it out in our upcoming thermal interfaces roundup.

Here I would like to add that GlacialTech Alaska is made in China and will retail at $45.

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