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Acoustic Performance

The graph below shows the results of our noise tests:

Unfortunately, GlacialTech Alaska can’t boast low noise levels and loses in this parameter not only to Deep Cool Ice Blade Pro, but also to Thermalright Silver Arrow, which is equipped with two 140 mm fans instead o one 120 mm one (although these 140 mm fans are better). Moreover, Alaska’s fan produces a clear crackling sound in the entire rotation speed range. We got the impression that the fan impeller was off balance. Maybe it was peculiar of our particular cooler sample, but we cannot state otherwise either. So, at this point we have to grade GlacialTech Alaska with an “unsatisfactory” mark for failing the acoustic performance tests.


I have to admit that Glacialtech Alaska cooler came late to the market. The new cooling solution is no longer as appealing at $45 MSRP, as it could be a year or one and a half years ago, neither in terms of cooling efficiency nor in terms of acoustic performance. Yes, it copes well with overclocked CPUs, but there are a whole lot of other coolers in the market today that can deliver the same great cooling efficiency at a lower level of noise and sometimes at an even lower price point. Take, for instance, the recently reviewed Deep Cool Ice Blade Pro, or the long announced Zalman CNPS 10X (Performa model primarily), not to mention a number of other great coolers in the same price range. Had GlacialTech Alaska been priced around $30, we would have been more optimistic about this cooler, and at this point the “better late than never” principle in Glacialtech’s iteration will hardly work. Now they have to work on something more effective and less noisy.

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