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CPU Water-Block: Koolance CPU-330

The CPU water-block Koolance CPU-330 is shipped in a small tight-fitting cardboard box.

The text on the box tells you the name of the manufacturer, the water-block model, the supported platforms, and the country of origin. Besides that, there is a small sticker on the side that lists Koolance fittings compatible with this water-block. Koolance puts such a sticker on every water-block, which is very convenient for the user. You won’t make a mistake when choosing your components even if you are new to the whole liquid cooling business.

Besides the water-block, the box contains the following accessories:

  • Steel universal fastening plate
  • Back-plate for all supported platforms
  • Rubber pad for the back-plate
  • Koolance thermal grease
  • Four nuts with figure heads
  • Four springs and threaded pins
  • Four bushings and spacers for them
  • Three pieces of copper sticky plate to attach thermal sensors

The original installation manual was missing in the box, but I found there two sheets with text from the electronic manual.

The base and interior of the CPU-330 water-block are made from high-purity copper. The base is also coated with 21-carat gold. The cap of the water-block is made from anodized aluminum.

The water-block measures 60x60x18mm at 198 grams of weight. The Koolance CPU-330 can be used with fittings of 6, 10 and 13mm in diameter.

Judging by the interior design you can have a look at through the holes, the water-block has pyramid-like ribbing inside. Besides that, there is a plastic guiding bar, shaped like a pack of staples, between the holes inside. It must be meant to optimize the liquid flow inside the water-block.

The Koolance CPU-330 is only 18mm thick, and the fastening plate is secured on the rib that goes along the top of the cap.

The water-block’s base is protected from scratches with polyethylene piece (don’t forget to remove it before installing the water-block on your CPU). The film protects the flat and immaculately polished surface:

The water-block supports mainboards with Socket 478, LGA775, Socket AM2, Socket 754/939/940 and even with the hopelessly obsolete Socket A (462). It is always fastened by means of a steel clip, a back-plate with a rubber pad and threaded pins, and spring-loaded figure nuts:

Despite the rather large fastening plate and the low height of the water-block, there were no elements on the mainboard that would get in the way. The water-block is pressed hard to the CPU but I think you don’t have to tighten the nuts to the end. It is recommended to glue a thermal sensor to the base of the water-block before the installation in such a way that it wouldn’t be in the spot of contact between the CPU heat-spreader and the water-block base. So, I would suggest that you first apply some thermal grease and see what trace it leaves on the heats-spreader and then glue the sensor near the trace.

The recommended price of the Koolance CPU-330 is $50.

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