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Chipset Water-Block: Koolance CHC-120

The Koolance CHC-120 is a water-block for a mainboard’s chipset. It is packed into a small box that resembles the package of the CPU water-block.

This box contains the following things:

  • Koolance CHC-120 water-block
  • Two rails for the fastening mechanism
  • Installation guide
  • Steel fastening ring
  • Stars thermal grease
  • Bushings, screws and nuts
  • Four plastic spacers
  • Three wire fasteners

The water-block looks very much alike to the above-discussed CPU-330:

It has a round shape and a copper sole coated with 24-carat gold, too. And it’s got the same cap from anodized aluminum. There is a small groove for the wire fasteners going along the center of the cap.

The internal design of this water-block is different from the CPU-330:

The pins that rise from the water-block’s base are rectangular rather than pyramidal, and there are no plastic inserts inside the water-block.

The Koolance CHC-120 measures 3.9x3.9x3.3mm.

It is small even in contrast with the CPU-330. The official website says the water-block weighs 249 grams, but I guess it’s a mistake since the CPU water-block is only 198 grams.

The sole is covered with protective film:

The surface is finished just like on the CPU water-block:

The water-block is designed for fittings with an internal diameter of 10 or 6 millimeters. Installing it on the mainboard’s chipset is elementary. You can find a handy compatibility list on the official website. It shows what mainboards and graphics cards (meaning the length of the graphics card) the water-block is compatible with.

The following picture shows how to install the Koolance CHC-120 on the mainboard:

Besides using screws, the water-block can also be installed on the mainboard by means of wire brackets.

This water-block is priced at $35.

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