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Corsair Hydro H80i High Performance

First goes Corsair Hydro H80i High Performance. It is packed into a large red-and-black cardboard box with a picture of the H80i on its front:

The system’s key features are listed on the sides of the box in several languages.


For detailed specs and performance comparison charts (with an Intel boxed cooler as the point of reference) you can refer to the back of the box.

The accessories are the same as you get with Corsair’s Hydro H60 High Performance except for the cables, user manual content, and additional fan:

The system costs $110 and comes with a 5-year warranty. It is manufactured in China.

The Corsair Hydro H80i High Performance is based on the Asetek 570LC platform but has a different type of the waterblock and pump. Its overall design is basically the same as that of the previously discussed systems, though. It consists of a radiator, two fans and a waterblock with pump, all connected with tubes:


The outer diameter of the tubes is 14 mm. They are 310 mm long.

The key distinguishing feature of the Hydro H80i High Performance is its thick radiator. It measures 158x120x45 mm and weighs about 450 grams. The radiator’s body is 37 mm thick.

That’s 20 mm thicker compared, for example, with the Corsair Hydro H60 High Performance. The radiator is still made of aluminum, though. It consists of 12 flat heatpipes with coolant. A corrugated ribbon is soldered in between the heatpipes. The spacing between its folds is 1 to 2 mm.

The tubes on the radiator’s fittings have an outer diameter of 14 mm.

The sticker on the radiator can only tell you its country of origin.

The pump/waterblock unit differs from those of Corsair’s junior products, even though we don’t know much about its characteristics. We can see two connectors in one side:

The mini-USB port is to be connected to a mainboard’s USB header with a bundled cable. The other port is used to connect two fans via a Y-shaped cable. Besides, two additional fans can be connected to the pump while the pump itself is powered through an ordinary SATA power plug.

Gray-colored high-efficiency thermal grease is pre-applied on the waterblock’s base in a very thin layer.

We’ve got perfect thermal grease imprints on the cooler and the CPU:


The Corsair Hydro H80i High Performance is equipped with two 120mm Corsair SP120L fans:

The peak speed of the fans is 2700 RPM. Each of them produces an air flow of 77 CFM at 37.68 dBA of noise. Their rotation speed is regulated by the pump depending on temperature as we’ll describe shortly.

The fan’s electric specs can be found on its sticker.

The installation procedure for the waterblock and radiator is the same as we detailed in our previous review.


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