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Corsair Hydro H100i Extreme Performance

The Hydro H100i Extreme Performance used to be the flagship product from Corsair until recently, but about a month ago the company released its H110 model with 140mm fans and a 280x140mm radiator, so the H100i is now second best in the hierarchy of Corsair’s liquid cooling systems. We hope to test the new flagship in the near future, but now let’s take a look at the Hydro H100i Extreme Performance.

The packaging is the same as with the H80i model, but larger.


The Hydro H100i Extreme Performance costs $120, which is a mere $10 more than the price of the H80i. The warranty and country of origin are the same.

This system is based on the high-performance Asetek 570LX platform.

It features a rather large 278x120x27mm aluminum radiator (the radiator’s body is 17 mm thick), which is in fact the only difference of the H100i from the H80i.


The radiator can carry as many as four 120mm fans. You fasten them using the bundled screws and the threaded holes in the sides of the radiator.

This system comes with the same pump as the H80i. You can connect up to four fans and a Corsair Link interface to it.

The Hydro H100i Extreme Performance requires that your computer case had two seats for 120mm fans on the back or top panel. It is there that you install the radiator.

Otherwise, you either have to choose another liquid cooling system or find some custom way of installing it.

Besides testing the Hydro H100i Extreme Performance in its standard configuration with two fans, we also checked it out with four identical fans, two of which we took from our Corsair H80i system.

By the way, the H100i has the same fans as the H80i: Corsair SP120L.

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