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Zalman LQ310

As opposed to Corsair and Thermaltake, Zalman is a new brand on the market of compact liquid cooling systems. You may remember the famous Zalman Reserator series but it didn't include small and affordable products. Now Zalman thinks it necessary to offer such solutions. There are three of them and they differ in price as well as efficiency. Let's first take a look at the junior model which is called Zalman LQ310.

The small and glossy box is perhaps the prettiest among the products included into this review. There’s an enlarged photo of the waterblock and fan and a description of the cooler's key features on the front of the box:

You can find all manner of information on the packaging, including detailed specs, a list of supported platforms and photos of key system components.


It’s the third time in this review that we see these accessories, actually:

Manufactured in China, the Zalman LQ310 costs $67.99 ($20 can be had back on a rebate card). The warranty period is 5 years.

What’s the difference between the Zalman LQ310 and other Asetek 550LC variations? Yes, in the design of the cap of its waterblock.

You will hardly find any other differences in these photos:

Here’s the radiator:

And the pump-waterblock unit:


And the thermal grease imprints:


The fan is original, though. It is a simple black thing with only seven blades and a diameter of 120 mm but it carries the Zalman logo:


The ZP1225ALM is PWM-regulated within a range of 900 to 2000 RPM. Its noise and air flow are not specified. The service life of the improved sleeve bearing is 50,000 hours or over 5.7 years of continuous operation.

We don’t think we need to describe the installation procedure once again. We’ve done it already above as well as in some previous reviews.


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