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Our today’s test of miniature cooling solutions performed on two different platforms showed that these systems can also cope with overclocked processors, although they may rarely have to do it. In other words, if you are really looking for a highly-efficient CPU cooler, then these little fellows are not for you. However, they will be a perfect fit for the increasingly popular home theater computer systems and I am sure that they will perform superb even in quiet mode. That is why it is natural that they appeared in the market.

And speaking of the particular solutions tested today, I personally liked Thermaltake ISGC-200 best of all, as it proved to be the most efficient cooler for its size of the four. Its younger brother, ISGC-100, can’t boast the same efficiency. Moreover, it is not quite clear why the recommended retail prices of Thermaltake coolers are so high. There is another top-cooler that looks really attractive here – Scythe BIG Shuriken, which has fewer compatibility issues than ISGC-100. I am sure that some will like Xilence Icebreaker 775, but you should keep in mind that it is only compatible with LGA775 platforms and hence has much narrower target audience.

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