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Thermaltake ISGC-200 (CLP0538)

The next new cooler from Thermaltake – ISGC-200 (CLP0538) - belongs to the same family, but is a tower-cooler. It comes in a larger box, but the design and information on it are exactly the same as by ISGC-100:


The accessories bundle includes the same components, except for the screw-on retention for LGA775/1156 that has been replaced with the traditional push-pins:

Thermaltake ISGC-200 is a cooler of larger size than ISGC-100, but is nevertheless quite compact: it measures 90x96x140.5 mm and weighs only 475 g.

The cooler heatsink consists of two arrays with a 92 mm fan between them:


Our experience with super-coolers suggests that this design proves very efficient (although in coolers of different size). I wonder how the small ISGC-200 will perform?

The new solution uses three copper heatpipes, each 6 mm in diameter, that are soldered to the 2 mm copper base plate. These heatpipes hold two separate arrays of aluminum plates (a total of 68) that are pressed onto the heatpipes. Each plate is 0.45 mm thick and they at 2.5 mm distance from one another:


There is an additional aluminum heatsink above the heatpipes in the base of the cooler that also serves as support for the retention brackets during cooler installation.

If you remove the fan you can clearly see the sides of the heatsink plates of variable height on entry and exit of the fan airflow:

Although this is no new solution, it is a smart one in this case, especially since ISGC fans can’t boast high static pressure. By the way, this cooler uses the same exact fan as the ISGC-100.

The base surface of ISGC-200 is finished exactly the same way as that of the previous solution, but unfortunately, it turned out salient:

As a result, the thermal compound imprints of AMD and Intel processor heat-spreaders turned out poor:


Nevertheless, we tested the cooler as is, and didn’t do anything to level out its base. And at this point I would like to say that the results turned out pretty interesting. However, we are going to talk about it a little later, and now let’s take a look at the ISGC-200 inside the system case:

As you can see, the cooler doesn’t block the memory slots in any way, even if you are using modules with tall heat-spreaders. I don’t know if the cooler will do well in the market with the recommended retail price of $54.99, but luckily it is already available in retail for as low as $37.

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