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Socket AM2+

Our Phenom II X4 940 BE processor with the weakest cooling solution of the today’s tested participants could be overclocked to 3.63 GHz with the Vcore increased to 1.475 V:

Here are the results:

The situation on AMD platform hasn’t changed a bit: in terms of cooling efficiency the products lined up in the same exact order as on the Intel platform. The interesting thing is that the gaps between the participants have grown bigger, although it may seem that AMD Phenom II X4 working at such frequency and voltage should dissipate less heat than Intel Core 2 Extreme. Once again the best here was Thermaltake ISGC-200 even though its base surface was far from even.

This time we didn’t measure the coolers acoustic performance, but I would like to share my personal subjective observations about the maximum fan rotation speed mode. The quiet mode that we used during this test session is indeed very quiet and hence there is nothing to comment on here. As for the maximum fan mode, Scythe BIG Shuriken appeared to be the quietest of all. It must be its thin fan with non-aggressive blades that determined this outcome. The next coolers are two Thermaltake ISGC solutions, with the 200 model being slightly quieter than 100 one. And the noisiest of all four is Xilence Icebreaker 775, as 2780 RPM is pretty loud even for a 92 mm fan on silicon shock-absorbing mounting spindles. The fan makes a slight whistling sound at this rotation speed. Up until 1650-1700 RPM Xilence Icebreaker 775 operates pretty quietly.

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