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Compatibility and Installation Tips

Now let’s get to the compatibility and installation of Nexus FLC-3000 cooler. In its default configuration this solution is compatible with all contemporary platforms except LGA 1156. However, the official web-page devoted to this cooler indicates that the corresponding retention is already available from Nexus that is why everything you have to do to get it (if you already have this cooler) is to write an email with the retention kit request to the company. It is very nice to see that not only Noctua takes such good care of their users :)

The cooler installation procedure is described step-by-step in the manual (PDF-file, 3.13 MB). The entire process is fairly simple. You have to mount the appropriate retention kit to the base of the cooler:

Socket AM2(+)/AM3

LGA 775/1366

And then tighten the retention screws through the PCB using a backplate or plastic washers (for LGA1366). In both cases you will need to remove the mainboard from the system case. However, in case of an AMD platform, Nexus FLC-3000 installs way simpler, because in this case the cooler retention will catch on to the plastic loops in the default retention frame around the CPU socket, which is already pre-installed. After that you just have to tighten the screws.

It is very convenient that the installation instructions contain all the dimensions, which will help the user to determine if Nexus FLC-3000 will fit into the system case and onto the mainboard or not:

I have to say that this cooler was very friendly to all the heatsinks surrounding the processor socket, including the mainboard chipset heatsink. However, there is no mention of the preferred cooler positioning anywhere in the manual that is why we installed to ensure the most effective heat transfer and cooling, namely, with the heatpipe ends facing up:


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