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Nexus XiR-2300 and Nexus XiR-3500

Design and Functionality

At first glance, Nexus XiR-2300 and XiR-3500 coolers seem pretty similar to FLC-3000, but despite this external similarity, there are still quite a few differences:


First of all, the heatsink is not at an angle anymore: it is placed parallel to the cooler base. The scheme of the cooler layout looks as follows:

Both solutions are of the same size – 106x122x111 mm. the only difference between XiR-2300 and XiR-3500 is the material used for the heatsink plates: the first one is made of aluminum, while the second one – of pure copper. As a result, the first cooler weighs 382 g and the second – 736 g.

Both coolers, just like the FLC-3000, use four copper heatpipes , each 6 mm in diameter, that are soldered to the copper base. The heatsink plates are pressed against the heatpipes tightly and topped with a frameless 92 mm fan:


The plates in these two coolers are thinner than those of the FLC-3000: only 2.0-2.25 mm, but there are more of them in the array: 65 plates in each:

The gaps between the heatsink plates are almost the same as by FLC-3000 (1.8-2.0 mm). However, the heatpipes are laid out differently inside the heatsink: two heatpipes in the middle are closer to one another than those in the FLC-3000 cooler:


In my opinion, this close placement of the central heatpipes lowers the cooler efficiency, because the heat will not be distributed evenly over the heatsink plates. Moreover, the heatpipes fall into what’s called the “fan dead zone”.

By the way, although the fans of XiR-2300 and XiR-3500 coolers are of exactly the same design as the fan of the FLC-300, which we have just discussed, they have different mechanics:


Besides different electrical specifications, Everflow T128025BUTC fans are equipped with thermal diodes, which allow the fan rotation speed to vary in the interval from 1200 to 2500 RPM (±10%). However, the claimed noise level is the same: 15-24 dBA.

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