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Unfortunately, Nexus coolers tested today didn’t do too well: these are not very efficient but expensive coolers. And if we could somehow justify the price of the least expensive solution, Nexus FLC-3000, (although there are much more options available in the $50 price range these days), then XiR-2300 and XiR-3500 do not stand any criticism. Very expensive coolers with limited compatibility with existing mainboards featuring very uneven base surfaces – all this didn’t let them compete successfully even against their junior fellow, not to mention a super-cooler. The fans also contributed to an overall sad picture, because their thermal diode was installed in a spot where it would never be able to precisely monitor the heatsink/processor temperature and hence adjust the fan rotation speed in a timely manner.

As for the definite advantages of the Nexus cooling solutions reviewed today, we should point out support of all contemporary platforms, including LGA1156 (you have to email the manufacturer to receive your free retention kit), attractive looks, fan LEDs and most importantly – low noise. Excellent acoustics is probably the only significant argument in favor of a Nexus solution. And it is a real pity that not enough attention has been paid to all other aspects of a cooler success, including adequate price point.

We would like to thank online store for providing us these coolers for review.

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