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Compatibility and Installation Tips

Nexus VCT-9000 is compatible with all contemporary home PC platforms. To install this cooler onto AMD and Intel platforms you should use retention kits of two types attached to the base of the cooler:

The installation procedure is very simple and intuitive and doesn’t require the mainboard to be removed from the system case. However, universality and easy installation are probably the only advantages of the new Nexus cooling system. The thing is that the notorious casing of the cooler kept pushing against the heatsinks over the voltage regulator components on our Asus P6T Deluxe mainboard, no matter which way we turned the cooler:


In order to install the cooler so that its airflow would be directed towards the back of the system case we had to bend the fins of one heatsink, and when we rotated the cooler by 90 degrees clockwise, the casing inevitably got pressed against another heatsink. This cooler has very little clearance (only 33 mm), so why would they want to make it even smaller by using these wave-shaped casing sides that have no practical value of any kind? They don’t have any aesthetical value either, because you will only be able to enjoy their fine lines only if you stick your head deep into the system case. And in this position you will look pretty suspicious not only to your loved ones but also to your pets.

Nevertheless, thanks to my creativity, skill and phillips screw-driver I managed to install Nexus VCT-9000 in two different positions:


However, there was no difference in cooling efficiency between these two cooler positions.

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