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Compatibility and Installation

Noiseblocker NB-TwinTec is a universal cooler in the full meaning of this word. It means that it can be installed onto any contemporary home PC platform. The installation manual describes the whole process in great detail, so here we are going to dwell only on the key steps of it.

The cooler is installed through the PCB onto both platforms (Intel and AMD) using the corresponding backplates and retention brackets that have to be screwed to the cooler base:


The backplate should be placed on the back side of the mainboard PCB. It uses screws with plastic washers to avoid closing any contacts on the PCB:


The backplate screws are covered with screw-nuts with washers on the front side of the mainboard PCB and are topped with soft rubber rings:

Now that the backplate is in place, all you need to do is apply a thin layer of thermal paste onto the CPU heat-spreader and install Noiseblocker NB-TwinTec heatsink (without the fans) on top. The next step is tightening the screws evenly to hold the heatsink in place:

After that you need to attach a fan (or two fans) using included wire clips.

According to the results of our preliminary testing, the cooling efficiency of Noiseblocker NB-TwinTec doesn’t depend on its position on the CPU and inside the system case. With proper ventilation inside the system case the CPU temperatures are the same in both cooler positions:


The distance between the mainboard PCB and the lowest heatsink fin of the cooler is 45 mm.

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