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Acoustic Performance

The acoustic performance of our today’s testing participants was measured in the entire rotation speed range of their fans, according to the testing methodology described in the corresponding chapter of our review. Here are the obtained results:

Well, there is one thing Noiseblocker NB-TwinTec can definitely be proud of: it has an impeccable fan. Noiseblocker NB-Multiframe M12-P fan demonstrated much better acoustics than the Zalman CNPS10X Performa fan and even a very quiet Thermalright TY-140 fan. Excellent result!


Noiseblocker NB-TwinTec cooler turned out a very interesting product, but that’s about it. It was interesting to see a unique design with a thick 25-mm heat column that gave us a lot of hopes, which, unfortunately, never came true. The cooling efficiency of this product turned out considerably lower than the cooling efficiency of a more affordable solution, while the maximum CPU frequency and temperature during overclocking leave much to be desired. Noiseblocker cooler can’t boast low price, either: the choices within 65-dollar price range today are quite numerous.

As for advantages of the new Noiseblocker NB-TwinTec cooler, we should certainly mention its versatility, relatively simple installation procedure, reliable retention mechanism, six-year warranty and, of course, one of the best 120-mm fans. Maybe the German company will find a way to improve the cooling efficiency of their heat column technology or the heatsink without losing any of the advantages the new cooler has to offer. Then, we will gladly go back and check it out again. But not until then…

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