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Compatibility and Installation

To accommodate the NZXT Kraken X40, your computer case must have at least one place for a 140mm fan. Such cases have become more popular nowadays, yet their market share is still rather small. Anyway, you can find a list of compatible computer cases at the NZXT website. The Kraken Case Compatibility V1.1 list includes half a hundred models already.

Since it has a version number, the list is going to be updated and extended. You may want to check it out if you plan to buy a Kraken X40.

As for compatibility of the waterblock with CPU platforms, there should be no problems at all since the Kraken X40 can be mounted on any modern Intel or AMD processor. The installation procedure is no different from that of other similar products we've tested before and is detailed in the user manual. It is overall the same for AMD…

…and Intel platforms and consists of just a few simple steps.

Our computer case Antec Twelve Hundred doesn't have 140mm fans, so we had to test the Kraken X40 outside. We installed the waterblock on the CPU and put the radiator with fan down next to the computer on a piece of foam rubber.

Fortunately, the cables and pipes were long enough to let us do so.

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