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One of the key features of the NZXT Kraken X40 is that it supports software-based fan monitoring and regulation. It comes with the Kraken Control v1.1.0 utility whose main screen shows the coolant temperature, the temperature of each CPU core, and the speed of the fans and pump.

Besides, in the top right corner of the window there is an operation mode switch that allows you to control the speed of the fan(s). The speed of the pump’s motor cannot be regulated.

The utility’s second tab shows you monitoring graphs with fan speed and CPU temperature data.

The third tab is called Fan Setting and allows to manually specify how the fan must change its speed depending on CPU temperature. This setting can be saved into a profile:

It seems to be the most valuable of the utility's functions.

Besides, you can disable, enable or specify the color of the pump's highlighting and make the color change depending on CPU temperature.

In the general settings you can choose an interface language and measurement units, enable the utility to start up automatically, turn on logging, and specify temperature and fan speed thresholds for notifications.

Even Davy Jones himself had no such power over his kraken as NZXT's Kraken Control offers!

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