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Design and Functionality

Like every ready-made liquid cooling system, the Kraken X60 consists of a radiator, two pipes (400 mm long and with an outer diameter of 10 mm), and a waterblock/pump combo:

The only peculiarity we can note about the Kraken X60’s appearance is the bunch of cables that go from its pump.

The key difference from the junior X40 model is the large radiator with dimensions of 314x139x26.5 millimeters.

It is still made of aluminum and consists of 13 flat pipes with coolant. A stretch of corrugated aluminum ribbon is soldered between the pipes. Like with the X40, the radiator’s body is only 16 mm thick.

There is the same sticker on one side of the radiator as we saw on the X40. It shows the product’s model name and power specs (12 V, 7.5 W – these numbers refer to the pump).

Two fittings with press-fitted pipes can be found on the opposite side of the radiator.

The waterblock/pump combo measures Ø72x32 mm. Its top is highlighted. Its fittings can be turned around to make it easier to install it on a CPU.

The pump’s performance is not specified. The speed of its motor (specified at 2900 (±150) RPM) isn’t informative in this respect.

There is a thin layer of high-efficiency thermal interface pre-applied on the waterblock’s base.

This makes it much easier to install the Kraken X60 but you won’t be able to use the same thermal interface for a second installation.

The pressure is the highest at the center of the waterblock. Here is the thermal grease imprint we got on the convex heat-spreader of our CPU.

The NZXT Kraken X60 comes with two 140mm NZXT FX-140 fans.

The fans can be PWM-regulated in a range of 800 to 2000 RPM. Each has a specified air flow of 54 to 98.3 CFM at 21 to 37 dBA of noise and a static pressure of 0.8 to 2.2 mm of water. These parameters are the same as those of the X40’s fan.

One more difference from the X40 is that the Kraken X60 allows to connect as many as four fans using the splitters that go from the pump:

There are additional screws among the accessories. You can use them to secure another pair of fans.

The X60 is installed in exactly the same way as the X40 and the compatibility list is identical, too. You only have to refer to the table cells that contain the number 280. Since our computer case is not compatible with the 240mm Kraken X60 radiator, we put the latter outside. We placed the radiator down next to the computer on a piece of foam rubber.

The testbed and methods are identical to those we used in our Kraken X40 review, so we won’t describe them again here. We can only add that we are going to compare the Kraken X60 with the Kraken X40 (to see the difference between two models from the same series), Corsair H100i Extreme Performance, Swiftech H220 and the super-cooler Phanteks PH-TC14P? with two Corsair AF140 fans. Let’s get right to our testing now.

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