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Appearance and Internal Design

The OCZ Enhanced VGA & HDD Power Lead kit consists of two cables:

The cables, as you must have understood, are connected in-line into the power circuits. With one end, they are attached into the standard power connector…

…and their other end plugs into the HDD or the graphics card:

The cables are perfectly identical – a complex contraption, all shielded and isolated:

A few details bulge out from under the isolation near the output connector. I moved the isolation away to see the following:

There are two 10µF/25v electrolytic and two 0.1µF ceramic capacitors soldered between the +5v/+12v contacts and the middle “zero” contacts of the cable. These capacitors and a long ferrite bead, which is located a bit farther from the connector, form an LC filter that suppresses high-frequency interference.

Farther still, behind the ferrite bead, there’s a braided shield visible under the transparent casing. Interestingly, the cable has two shield layers rather than one. The first layer is the braid proper and the second, located beneath the first, is made of metal foil.

The shield would be more efficient if it was connected to a common wire, but it is not as you can see on the snapshot:

On the other hand, I can’t consider this as a serious defect. I even doubt the very necessity of shielding this cable since there are several centimeters of unshielded cable going from the PSU to the OCZ lead. Of course, the shielded cable looks impressive – OCZ takes care of nice looks of its products.

Now, let’s see what good these wondrous wires can do to your computer.

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