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They say that the name of a person has a large impact on his fate. I don’t believe in this and that’s probably why proud names of CPU coolers do no impress me in the slightest although I have tested Japanese samurais from Scythe, butterfly girls from Titan, knights from ASUS, and even 3D rockets from Gigabyte. Other manufacturers do not give a personal name to their product at all. For example, Zalman just adds a new number to the CNPS abbreviation of its coolers. XIGMATEK uses a numeric marking as well.

One the other hand, it is a trait of human psychology that a meaningful, memorable name of a cooler (or of any other PC component for that matter) attracts the potential customer better than a string of numbers and letters. OCZ Technology uses this human trait to its advantage, giving its new coolers remarkable names.

We once tested its Vindicator (see our article called OCZ Vindicator CPU Cooler Review: When the Copy is As Good As the Original), and today I’m going to discuss the Vanquisher and the Vendetta.

Although not quite sensible (I wonder what kind of vendetta can occur inside a PC case?), the names are indeed memorable. But will these coolers be remembered for their high performance? You’ll learn it in this review.

OCZ Vanquisher (OCZTVANQ)

Package and Accessories

The names of the manufacturer and cooler are printed on the face side of the blue box. A picture of the Vanquisher can be seen here as well.

The sides of the box contain text with information about supported CPU sockets, key features and specs of the cooler:


Inside the exterior packaging there is a plastic box that envelops the cooler tightly. Above it there is a clip to fasten the cooler on mainboards for AMD K8 processors and a brief installation guide:

The LGA775 fasteners are already installed on the cooler by default.

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