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Thermal and Acoustic Performance

The next diagram shows the temperature of the CPU with each cooler:

So, the low-end Vanquisher isn’t far inferior to the Cooler Master Hyper TX 2 that features a superb price/performance ratio. The latter is noticeably better on the open testbed and in the quiet mode, but the Vanquisher is again close when the fan speed is set at its maximum. I should confess the Vanquisher is too loud at the max speed, though.

The OCZ Vendetta performs just brilliantly. Slightly more expensive than the Vanquisher and Hyper TX 2, it leaves them no chance in this test. OCZ has come up with a high-performance, universal and very compact cooler! I won’t comment on the performance of the Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme as it is our reference. It only serves as a reference point.

Next I found the maximum stable CPU frequency with each cooler. This test was performed on the open testbed only. Here are the results:

The CPU voltage was set differently in this test:

  • OCZ Vanquisher: ~1500rpm – 1.4375V; ~2430rpm – 1.4750V
  • OCZ Vendetta: ~1750rpm – 1.4875V; ~2860rpm – 1.5500V
  • Cooler Master Hyper TX 2: ~1510rpm – 1.4675V; ~1900rpm – 1.4875V
  • Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme: ~1130rpm – 1.5875V, ~2550rpm – 1.6250V

The Vendetta confirms its claim on the title of a super-cooler in this test, yet I guess stops just short of getting it. At the maximum speed this cooler reveals 95% of the CPU’s overclocking potential (if you take the result achieved with the Ultra-120 eXtreme for 100%), but the noise level is too high at that.

The final diagram of this section shows you the amount of noise produced by each cooler:

I guess no comments are required. Each cooler can work in both a quiet and a medium-noise mode.

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