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OCZ Technology Company is very well-known among overclockers first of all as manufacturer of a great variety of RAM modules ranging from inexpensive budget memory kits and finishing with dual-channel kits with nominal frequencies going well beyond 1100MHz.

However, you all know that some time ago they expanded their product range by adding power supply units, graphics cards and finally CPU cooling systems.

Having decided to enter this market, OCZ Technology seems to have chosen one of the easiest ways. They decided not to design and manufacture their own cooling systems. Instead they are placing orders with third manufacturers and then enhance or it would be more correct to say modify the solutions themselves. A great example would be a cooler that we are going to devote our today’s article to: OCZ Vindicator.

Take a look at it:

Scythe Ninja Plus, no doubt. Before we continue I would like to say right away that you shouldn’t accuse OCZ of plagiarisms. You may think that Vindicator is ordered and manufactured on the same facilities as Scythe Ninja, but both companies deny it. And as for the users, they hardly mind what brand name is on the cooler. If the production quality is up to the mark and the price is comparable to that of the competitors, then there is absolutely no cause for panic or resentment.

So, let’s take a closer look at the newcomer.

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