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Compatibility and Installation

Phanteks PH-TC14PE is compatible with all contemporary processors including the just launched LGA 2011 platform. Even though currently the official list of compatible mainboards doesn’t include any LGA 2011 products, all other platforms are well represented. The installation procedure is described in detail in the step-by-step installation guide. We, however, will discuss it using our LGA 1366 testbed as an example.

You should use the same universal backplate with insulating padding for all Intel platforms with LGA 775/1155/1156/1366 sockets. There are special threaded mounts to be inserted into the holes in its ends:


After that the backplate is installed on the back side of the mainboard PCB:

The mounts pierce the mainboard through plastic bushes and steel panels and are secured in place with large screw-nuts:


After that you attach the retention bracket with spring-screws to the base of the cooler:

The last thing to do is to apply a layer of thermal paste on the processor heat-spreader, install the heatsink on top and evenly tighten the screws through the steel panels. The retention provides superb pressure, the heatsink is dead locked in place, and the screw holding the bracket in place together with a special notch in the base prevent the cooler from shifting or rotating.

Once the cooler has been installed, the distance between the mainboard PCB and the lowest Phanteks PH-TC14PE heatsink fin is 45 mm, which will be enough to avoid conflicts with tall memory heat-spreaders as well as with heatsinks on the processor voltage regulator components around the CPU socket:


However, if you install the 140 mm fans exactly in the center of the heatsink, they will be hanging almost 15 mm below the last heatsink fin. And this is when we will obviously have to deal with some memory modules compatibility issues:

However, if you have memory modules with tall heat-spreaders, you can do just fine with one fan in the center of the heatsink, or place an additional fan onto the external side of the second heatsink array.

The enormous Phanteks PH-TC14PE looks very impressive inside the system case:

By the way, this cooler with the fans attached weighs 1250 g and is 171 mm tall.

Phanteks PH-TC14PE turned out very dependent on the way it is installed on top of the processor: when we rotated the cooler by 90 degrees from what you see on the photo above, the temperature of each CPU core increased by 6-7°C. However, it appeared to be caused not by some unique peculiarity of this particular cooler, but by completely unacceptable contact between the CPU heat-spreader and the cooler base in this position:


As for the silver Phanteks PH-TC14PE, this is what it looks like:


With the exception of the price, everything else is exactly the same as by the red model, and it will also be the same for the blue and orange coolers. Unfortunately, the unevenness of the base was also present in the second cooler, which indicates that it may be a more of a permanent issue, just like by Thermalright’s products.

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