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Design and Functionality

Prolimatech Genesis is fully nickel-plated and looks quite unusual at first glance, so that a user who doesn’t have much experienced with processor cooling systems may have hard time figuring out what this device is intended for:


The heatsink weighs 800 grams and is of pretty impressive size: 159.7x146x216.5 mm. The schematic illustration below shows more detailed layout and dimensions of the heatsink parts:

The heatsink consists of two aluminum fin arrays, each sitting on six heatpipes 6 mm in diameter. The arrays are positioned at an almost 90-degree angle – one vertically (44 fins) and another one horizontally (46 fins):


Note that except for the end-fins, all of them are composite ones, meaning that each consists of two halves soldered together on the heatpipes:

This type of contact between the heatpipes and the fins guarantees more efficient heat transfer. And the end-fins are not just decorated with an embossed “G” symbol, but are also very well polished:

The heatsink fins are 0.5 mm thick and the gaps between them are 2.0 mm wide. Although there are quite many fins in the array, they are maximum 33 mm wide, which delivers about 7,300cm2 of effective heatsink cooling surface. I have to say that compared with the effective surface sizes of other super-coolers, this number looks very modest…

The heatpipes are also soldered to the base of the cooler, we can see traces inside the grooves:

The thinnest part of the copper nickel-plated base is 2 mm and the intervals between the heatpipes in the base are no more than 1.5 mm.

The contact surface of the 40x42 mm base is very even, but the surface is not ideally finished:

Besides a few scratches that appeared there for whatever reason, the surface bears radial machine marks, which you can also feel to the touch. But most importantly, the surface doesn’t have any bumps or concavities, so the contact with our processor heat-spreader was perfect:


I would like to remind you one more time that Prolimatech Genesis comes without any fans. However, if you wanted to attach some to the heatsink you could use two pairs of wire clips included with the accessories. Moreover, these clips are designed to fit 120 mm fans as well as 140 mm ones.

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