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Cooling Efficiency Tests

The results are summed up in the diagram and table below:

Prolimatech Genesis did prove highly efficient. It is only 1°C behind the best air cooler (Thermalright Archon) at 810 RPM of its both fans and 2°C behind – at 1010 RPM and 1260 RPM. In fact, it would be fair to say that Genesis doesn’t lose to Archon, but in addition to cooling the processor also cools the mainboard and memory modules installed in it. What else could we add here? Hands down, it is an excellent cooler! Moreover, if the case is big enough you could add a third fan to the outer side of the vertical heatsink array, which may buy you another couple degrees C. However, there are no clips for the third fan among the cooler accessories, and in our case one and a half 120 mm case fans from Noiseblocker on the back panel successfully functioned as the third cooling fan.

Now let’s check out maximum CPU overclocking with Prolimatech Genesis cooler:

2 Thermalright TY-140 fans, 810 RPM

2 Thermalright TY-140 fans, 1010 RPM

2 Thermalright TY-140 fans, 1260 RPM

As we see, 4.45 GHz frequency at 1.45626 V Vcore was easily attainable even in the quietest fan mode, but the temperature in this case reached 90°C. When we sped up the fans to 1010 RPM, the maximum CPU temperature dropped by 1°C, and at 1260 RPM – by another 2°C.

Prolimatech Genesis maintained processor stability at the maximum speed for our particular Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition unit, but only at 1260 RPM of both its TY-140 fans:

2 Thermalright TY-140 fans, 1260 RPM

It is interesting that when we replaced the Thermaltake TY-140 fans with two Scythe Slip Stream 140 fans the results inside a closed system case didn’t improve even a little bit although the fan rotation speed was 1710 RPM:


However, once we removed the side panel, the situation changed, which is quite typical of top-coolers and that is probably why it also worked for Genesis in this case:

Of course, the noise level in this case was way higher than with two Thermalright TY-140 fans, but if you need Prolimatech genesis to deliver its highest efficiency, you could easily sacrifice some f the acoustic comfort, I am sure.


Prolimatech Genesis is undoubtedly an excellent cooler. Yes, it is large. Yes, it is expensive, and in the end it will cost even more because of the fans. But do you know any super-coolers that are small and inexpensive? I don’t, and I doubt it is going to change any time soon without some super-advanced technical innovations in this field. It has long become a given that a super-cooler must be large, heavy and expensive, and it is not an issue for true overclockers out there at all. Moreover, if Genesis’ only weakness, small effective heatsink cooling surface, will be eliminated, then it can easily become the absolute and only leader in the CPU air-cooling market. But even in its current form we can definitely recommend Prolimatech Genesis, a high-quality product with a lot of advantages, to all users who need an efficient and quiet cooler. Therefore Prolimatech Genesis receives our Ultimate Innovation title:

Well, if this product is destined to start the new era of super-coolers, then I can’t wait for this ear to finally unfold, because we are long due for something really revolutionary and exciting :)

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