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We don’t often test products of the Taiwanese Prolimatech Inc. Last year, for example, we only had one cooler called Prolimatech Genesis, yet we were highly pleased with its performance. The Genesis made it into the ranks of our super-coolers, so it's hard to tell why Prolimatech doesn't develop more products. Perhaps they just think that their model range is already complete and there is no need for improvements or additions.

Indeed, Prolimatech’s CPU cooler series looks comprehensive. It includes super-coolers (Super Mega, Megahalems, Genesis and Armageddon), low-end offers (Samuel 17 and Lynx) and a mainstream Panther. It is about the latter model that we're going to talk about in this review. It looks trivial at first sight, yet may be interesting anyway. Let’s have a closer look at it.

Packaging and Accessories

The Panther is shipped in a small cardboard box with a minimum of information on its sides.

You can only find brief technical specs and a small drawing with the heatsink dimensions.

There are two compartments inside the box: for the heatsink and for the fan. A flat box with accessories lies on top of them. The accessories include two mounting plates, two pairs of fastening mechanisms, a user guide, spring-loaded screws, four brackets for fans, highly efficient thermal grease (Prolimatech PK-1) and a sticker with Prolimatech logo.

The Prolimatech Panther is manufactured in Taiwan and costs about $55, so it is not entry-level. On the other hand, it is somewhat cheaper than most super-coolers. The warranty period is 1 year.

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