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Compatibility and Installation

To our surprise, the Prolimatech Panther does not support LGA775, LGA1366 and LGA2011 platforms and is only limited to Intel’s LGA1155/1156 as well as all modern AMD processors. Despite the growing popularity of LGA1155/1156 systems, we guess that LGA775 and LGA1366 are not outdated yet. It’s sad the Panther is not compatible with them.

The installation procedure is very simple and boils down to three steps. First, you equip the cooler with appropriate fasteners:

Second, you apply a thin layer of thermal grease on the CPU’s heat-spreader. And third, you mount the cooler on your CPU and fasten it with spring-loaded screws.

You can't use AMD's default back-plate because it has different threading compared to the Panther's own back-plate. You should be aware about that if you're going to install the cooler on an AMD platform.

 There is a generous 53 millimeters from the cooler’s bottom fin to the mainboard. There should be no conflicts with mainboard’s components and memory slots.


The Panther is rather narrow and will not block the mainboard's memory slots.


That’s all about installation. We can move on to practical tests now.

Technical Specifications and Recommended Pricing

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