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PSU Working Principles

Yes, the power supply unit has nothing in common with the graphics card or mainboard, but the volt-mod concept remains the same anyway.

The power scheme includes the so-called feedback circuit, which informs the generator element about the real voltage level on the powered device. If the voltage in this feedback circuit is somehow below the required level, the PSU (or the power circuit on a PCB) automatically returns it back to the norm. Volt-modding decreases the voltage in the feedback circuit by attaching an additional resistance (the feedback circuit is connected to the “ground” though a resistor). The PSU increases the feedback voltage to the necessary value, increasing the real voltages in the main circuits on the way.

Graphics cards and mainboards have chips that control the voltages and each chip has a separate feedback contact. The so-called sense wire serves the same purpose in PSUs. Sense wires are additional wires that go to some contacts of the 20-pin ATX connector. They transmit the same voltage as the main wires, but the PSU uses only the sense wires to keep track of the voltages. Sometimes the modification I propose is called Vsense mod, but I think “sense wire mod” sounds better and more logically.


This guide is a description of hardware modifications successfully made to the construction of the device by the team of We tested each mod for operability and found it valuable. However, we cannot promise you that you will be as successful. We don’t accept any claims concerning damage to your device after the modification – such problems imply your own mistakes in the modification process. The author and are not responsible for any damage inflicted by repeating of what this guide describes.

Warning! Volt-modding, if recognized, makes all warranty obligations void. So you should do everything neatly to be able to unsolder all back again in case of the device’s death.

You should take up volt-modding if all of the following is true:

  • you are definite about how you will do it;
  • you are very definite about why you will do it;
  • you have good soldering skills;
  • you are not afraid of losing the warranty;
  • you have squeezed the maximum out of your computer, but want more;
  • all other methods of overclocking are exhausted.
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