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Design and Functionality

GELID Silent Spirit seemed to be a very interesting cooler. Even though its structure seems pretty simple at first glance, it combines almost all known technologies used in CPU cooling solutions these days. Well, here it is, a small (108 x 100.5 x 125 mm) and light-weight (370g) cooler:


It looks similar to so-called top-coolers; however, its primary heatsink array is slightly elevated above the horizontal axis. Four copper heatpipes 6mm in diameter that come out of the copper base plate hold 44 trapezoid-shaped aluminum heatsink plates:


Each plate of 0.4mm thick and the distance between them is 2mm. the calculated effective heatsink surface is

I am sure you have already noticed round hollows stamped into the heatsink plates. According to the manufacturer, it should increase airflow turbulence and improve heat dissipation from the heatsink plates. Another peculiarity of GELID Silent Spirit heatsink is the different height of the plates:


However, unlike Noctua coolers that also use heatsink plates of different height, GELID Silent Spirit doesn’t alternate them one after another, but has them arranged in groups of two or three. To be more exact, at first there are two identical plates, then three plates that are 6mm shorter, then another two taller plates, and so on and so forth. This lowers airflow resistance and should ensure high cooling efficiency of this solution even at low fan rotation speed. There are three tall plates on both outer sides of the heatsink.

The copper base plate has special grooves cut out for the heatpipes that are soldered to it ensuring more secure contact than flattening of the heatpipes and the use of thermal glue.


There is a small aluminum heatsink installed above the heatpipes. According to the developers, it helps unload the heat from the heatpipes in the base and also serves as additional support for the cooler retention.

This is the bottom view of GELID Silent Spirit cooler:

Look at the layer of thermal interface applied onto the cooler base:

According to the manufacturer, it is GELID GC-1 – pretty efficient thermal paste, which we have already tested before. Nevertheless, there seems to be too much of it, because even surfaces should have a minimally thin layer of thermal interface on them. By the way, the cooler base is indeed very even and gets a good B+ for finish quality.


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