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Design and Functionality

Scythe Grand Kama Cross doesn’t look ordinary at all. While it is a top-cooler (with the airflow directed towards the mainboard PCB), it consists of two aluminum heatsink arrays installed at a 40-degree angle to the mainboard surface (the so-called X-structure). There is a 140 mm fan attached at the top:


It weighs 750 grams, which isn’t much, according to today’s standards in CPU cooling field. It measures 177x140x137 mm and the details dimensions are provided on the following pictures:


There is a total of 72 heatsink fins, 36 per array. The fins in each array are arranged in three groups, 12 per group, and the lower they sit on the heatpipes, the longer they are:


This design approach allowed Scythe to use the heatsink surface beneath the fan in the most efficient manner, while directing the airflow right to the heated components in the area around the processor socket. The fins pressed firmly against the heatpipes are 0.4 mm thick, and the gaps between them are about 2.0 mm.

This sectional design of the heatsink resulting into variable length of the heatsink fins produced another tangible advantage: lower airflow resistance:

So, we may assume that Scythe Grand Kama Cross should also be quite efficient even at lower fan rotation speeds.

The fan is 140 mm in diameter and covers the entire heatsink:


Grand Kama Cross has four heatpipes 6 mm in diameter. They are soldered to the base, but we have to point out that there are no grooves in the base plate, which is 4 mm thick:

The heats-spreader base plate is 38x38 mm big, has exceptionally even surface polished to mirror-shine:

The thermal paste imprint on the LGA 2011 processor heat-spreader was very uniform and practically perfect in all respects:

The second revision of Scythe Grand Kama Cross comes with the same exact nine-blade fan, as the very first one. It is Scythe Slip Stream 140 PWM with retention holes to match the 120 mm fan landing spots:

This model is marked as SM1425SL12ML-P. Its rotation speed may be adjusted using pulse-width modulation method (PWM) in the interval from 500 to 1300 RPM (±10%). The declared noise level is 9.6-24.7 dBA, while the airflow should be within 27.2-69.9 CFM range. The slide bearing in the fan motor should last at least 30,000 hours.

Maximum fan power consumption should reach 2.64 W at 0.22 A current. Everything is pretty modest, so to speak. The rotor diameter is 39 mm, and the non-sleeved four-wire cable is 300 mm long.

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