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Cooling Efficiency

The results of our cooling efficiency tests on Scythe Grand Kama Cross Rev. B and its competitor in LGA 2011 platform are given in the following table and diagram:

Frankly speaking, we didn’t expect Scythe Grand Kama Cross Rev. B to do so well! Not only did it outperform a tower-cooler in efficiency, but it proved better than the price segment performance leader! Moreover, Grand Kama Cross turned out more efficient almost in all operational modes. For example, if the coolers are equal at maximum fan speeds, then at 1200 RPM Scythe’s top-cooler wins 4°C in peak temperature from Thermalright, at 1100 RPM - 6°C, and at 800 RPM - 7°C. To be fair I have to say that Grand Kama Cross has a 140 mm fan, while TRUE Spirit 120 – a 120 mm fan. We are going to dwell on their acoustic performance a little later, but I have to admit that we were pleasantly surprised with the outstanding results of the Scythe Grand Kama Cross Rev. B.

Of course, we didn’t stop at this and attempted to overclock our six-core processors even further under Scythe Grand Kama Cross Rev. B. The next step was supposed to be 4.375 GHz at 1.385~1.4 V Vcore. Unfortunately, the Japanese top-cooler failed to maintain stability for our processor at these speeds and each of our attempts ended in a system freeze or an error like that:

However, Thermalright TRUE Spirit 120 coped with the tests in the same conditions at 80°C peak temperature:

In other words, we can conclude that Scythe Grand Kama Cross Rev. B does really well during moderate processor overclocking and can successfully compete even against a recognized price segment leader. Unfortunately, this is all it can do. Higher frequencies remain unattainable.

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