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Compatibility and Installation Tips

Scythe Kabuto can be installed not only on all contemporary platforms, but also on pretty outdated Socket 478 mainboards. You won’t need to remove the mainboard from the system case in any of the cases, because it uses the retention kits of the following types:

Socket 478

Socket 754/939/940, 
AM2(+) and AM3

LGA 775 / 1366

LGA775 and LGA1366 mainboards use the same retention. However, since Intel Core i7 mainboards have the cooler retention holes spaced out at a great distance, you will need to shift the plastic spindles with locks farther in the retention slits:

Unfortunately, Scythe Kabuto doesn’t have the same reliable retention with superb hold as Mugen 2 (with screws tightened to the backplate through the PCB). At the same time, the distance between the holes in the cooler base that are used to hold the retention bracket measures 45mm, which is exactly the same as the distance between the retention holes on Mugen 2. Therefore, you can easily use the retention from “second infinity” if you have it at your disposal.

Scythe recommends installing Kabuto into tower cases with the heatpipe ends facing up:

They promise maximum cooling efficiency in this particular position. The cooler may also be installed with the heatpipes positioned horizontally, but not with the heatpipes facing down.

This is what Scythe Kabuto looks like inside the system case:


The results of our tests showed that with the cooler installed in this particular way the peak CPU temperature was 3-4°C lower than with the cooler heatpipes turned horizontally:


The distance from the lower heatsink plate to the PCB surface is 60mm. The additional heatsink at the bottom doesn’t get beyond the main heatsink array, that is why Scythe Kabuto won’t interfere with any PCB components around the processor socket.

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