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Cooling Efficiency Tests


Before we move on to the main part of our test session, I would like to say the following. The thing is that we received the first Scythe Kabuto sample three weeks ago, which means that you may have been able to read this review way earlier. However, the cooler was defective, namely, demonstrated pretty average cooling efficiency. We checked it inside out, installed in different positions, used an alternative “through-retention” from Mugen 2 and different types of fans, but all our efforts were vain: we got the following graph for the beginning of CPU burn mode from the monitoring tools:

In other words, after only three Linpack runs the CPU temperature increased to 96°C and we had to terminate the test. We could feel that all cooler heatpipes warmed up much slower and cannot transfer the heat effectively to the heatsink plates. Our first Kabuto sample most likely performed so poorly because of the improper contact between the cooler base and the heatpipes. Nevertheless, even this defective sample equipped with a 1320RPM fan could cool our Core i7-920 processor overclocked to 3800MHz with the peak temperature around 89°C. The second Scythe Kabuto sample we managed to get our hands on proved 14°C more efficient than the first one right from the start. I hope that only one of the pre-production samples suffered from this issue and no defective products will get into retail.

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