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Thermalright TRUE Spirit 90

The box of Thermalright TRUE Spirit 90 box is very small and quite informative. Besides product and manufacturer names, you can find specifications on one of its sides, which is not typical of Thermalright's packaging.

Thermalright’s accessories have remained unchanged for over two years already.

We can see a universal retention plate, a back-plate, brackets for a second fan, and screws with plastic spacers. Being affordable, the TRUE Spirit 90 is shipped with the ordinary Chill Factor thermal grease whereas the more advanced models of this series come with the more efficient and expensive Chill Factor 3.

Manufactured in China, the TRUE Spirit 90 costs a mere $25. It has a 1-year warranty.

This tower-design cooler is even smaller than the Katana 4. It is only 124 mm tall, 102 mm wide and 49 mm thick. In other words, the TRUE Spirit 90 may fit into some HTPC cases even.



There's nothing sophisticated about its design. 43 aluminum fins are press-fitted onto three copper heat pipes, 6 mm in diameter. The fins are 0.3 mm thick and 1.7 mm apart from each other.


The Thermalright TRUE Spirit 90 is in many respects like its senior cousins TRUE Spirit 120 and 140. We can see the same shape of the fins with curved edges but everything is just smaller. One difference that catches the eye is that the pipes form straight lines on both sides of the heatsink.


Thermalright engineers must have thought that using the tessellated pattern, like in the senior model, was not worth the trouble. Special technological tricks of this kind are rarely implemented in affordable coolers, unfortunately.

The heat pipes are soldered to the nickel-plated copper plate of the base.


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