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The well-finished 40x35mm contact surface of our TRUE Spirit 90 is not free from the birthmark of Thermalright coolers, the convex middle of the base. You can see it in the following photos:


Like the Katana 4, the Thermalright TRUE Spirit 90 measures 92x92x25 mm and supports PWM-based speed regulation.

The Thermalright TR-9225-BW fan rotates at 600 to 2500 RPM. We can only learn its peak air flow and noise from the cooler specs: 61.2 CFM and 35.3 dBA. Both are higher than the specified parameters of the Scythe Katana 4 although the peak speed is identical. The service life of the improved sleeve bearing is not disclosed in the specs.

Like its today’s opponent, the Thermalright TRUE Spirit 90 is compatible with all modern PC platforms. Having the same fasteners as the TRUE Spirit 120/140, it is installed in the same way. It takes three steps to mount the cooler on an LGA2011 processor. First, you insert threaded bushings into the CPU socket’s mounting holes.


Then you attach the mounting plate on these bushings using four screws.

After that you apply some thermal grease and mount the cooler which is then secured with a retention plate and two screws.

That’s all. Quick and simple. The pressure is even too high for such a small and light cooler which weighs a mere 384 grams.

Since the Thermalright TRUE Spirit 90 is very compact, the gap between the bottom edge of its fan (which is lower than the heatsink) and the mainboard is only 30 mm.


The cooler may only block the nearest memory slot, though, so this shouldn’t be a big problem. Now let’s take a look at the Thermalright TRUE Spirit 90 inside our testbed and proceed to our tests.


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