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Design and Functionality

The first impression from Scythe Mine 2 is its weight. It is no joke: the cooler with the fan weighs 1150 grams. And it is the second heaviest cooler from Scythe (the first one is Scythe Susanoo that weighs 1565 grams and will be discussed in our next article). As for the competition, Scythe Mine 2 is almost in the middle between Thermalright Silver Arrow weighing 1105 grams and Noctua NH-D14 weighing 1240 grams. Looks like we might have to get used to one-kg coolers…

As its weight requires, the new Scythe Mine 2 looks also quite impressive and solid:



It is 160 mm tall, 143 mm wide and 130 mm deep. Its design is fairly simple, but unlike other two-array tower-coolers has three distinguishing features.

First, we should say that each of the two heatsink arrays consists of four smaller sections connected with one another with narrow bridges. Scythe calls this technology M.A.P.S. (Multiple Airflow pass-through Structure) and it was first used two years ago in their Mugen 2 cooler. So, we can say that Mine 2 in fact has eight heatsink arrays grouped into two larger segments:


The second peculiarity of the new cooler is the use of eight copper heatpipes 6 mm in diameter. The heatpipes go through the copper base plate and pierce each of the heatsink arrays twice:


This provides more even distribution of heat over the heatsink fins, and since the heatpipes are positioned behind one another, the aerodynamic resistance is minimal. The above mentioned M.A.P.S. technology with 3-mm gaps between the heatsink arrays and 2-mm gaps between the heatsink fins also helps lower the aerodynamic resistance. Heatsink find are 0.45 mm thick. Each array consists of 44 fins, which adds up to the total effective surface size of about 10,190 cm2, which is smaller than by Silver Arrow (11,560 cm2) and Noctua NH-D14 (12,020 cm2), and even a little smaller than by Mugen 2 (10,660 cm2). Nevertheless, this heatsink is definitely large enough to promise that Mine 2 will deliver superb cooling efficiency.

This third distinguishing feature of the Scythe Mine 2 cooler is the fact that its heatpipes go through the cooler base on two levels. The bottom row of heatpipes lie in the grooves, while the top row of heatpipes simply lies on top of the bottom one:

It is hard to say how effective the second row of heatpipes is going to be and what part exactly it is going to cool, but what’s done is done. I have to add that heatpipes are soldered to the base and to each other. At the same time, I didn’t see any traces of soldering between the heatpipes and the aluminum heatsink fins (they must have been simply pressed against the heatpipes).

The copper nickel-plated base measures 38x38 mm and is exceptionally well finished:

At the same time, the surface is exceptionally even and produced a very good imprint from our LGA1366 processor, although it wasn’t too even because of the salient heat-spreader:


There is a nine-blade fan installed between the two heatsink arrays. It is a 140 mm Scythe Slip Stream 140, which we have already tested before:


Scythe Mine 2 cooler uses an SM1425SL12HPVS model that can work in two PWM controlled modes as well as be controlled manually:

For that purpose there is a bracket for the case rear panel with a speed rotation adjustment knob:

It allows setting the fan speed mode (in case of manual adjustment option). As for the actual fan, it comes with the following specifications: 650–1700 RPM (PWM), 500–1200 RPM (PWM) and 500–1700 RPM (V.R.). It should create the following airflows: 35.4–92.4 CFM (PWM), 27.2–65.2 CFM (PWM) and 27.2–65.2 CFM (V.R.), respectively, and generate respective noise of 12.4–36.4 dBA (PWM), 9.6–23.2 dBA (PWM) and 9.6–36.4 dBA (V.R.). Our tests indicated that the fan startup voltage was 4.7 V and it consumed maximum 4.2 W of power. The two fan cables are each only 300 mm long, and while it could be enough for connecting to the mainboard, then as for the rotation speed controller in the back of the system case, 300 mm could be way too short.

The fan is attached to the heatsink with two wire clips inserted into special grooves. There are four pairs of grooves on the heatsink sides, while there are only one pair of clips among the bundled accessories. In other words, if you wanted to install two more fans onto your Scythe Mine 2 cooler, as the heatsink design suggests, first you will have to purchase two pairs of retention clips on your own. It’s a pity Scythe didn’t include these extra clips with their cooler.

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