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Compatibility and Installation Tips

Scythe Mine 2 is compatible with all contemporary home PC platforms. You can download detailed installation guide in several different languages from the official company web-site (PDF-file, 5.83 MB). The first step in the installation procedure is attaching the steel retention brackets to the base of the cooler:


After that you have to insert bushes with internal and external threading into the loops on the ends of the brackets and secure them in place with shaped screw-nuts:


The universal backplate goes onto the back of the mainboard:

Scythe Mine 2 uses a new backplate – F.M.S.B.3 (Flip Mount Super Back-plate 3), which has been modified to ensure compatibility with a wider spectrum of mainboards. This plate doesn’t have a sticky layer and is held in place with screws and rubber washers on the front side of the PCB:


Now comes the most difficult part: fastening the cooler on top of the CPU. The “easiest” way to do it was by turning the cooler upside down on the table, putting the mainboard with the backplate and screws on top of it and slightly pushing in the screws into the threaded bushes attached to the ends of the retention brackets at the base. However, it turned out extremely hard to make sure that screws go right into the bushes. Therefore, I can’t say that Scythe Mine 2 installation is an easy thing to do.


This is what the entire installation procedure looks like schematically:

The distance between the lowest heatsink fin and the mainboard PCB is 45 mm, which should be enough to eliminate any possible conflicts with tall heatsinks on the voltage regulator components. Moreover, the heatsink doesn’t block the first DIMM slot on our board (Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD9), which will allow using overclocker memory modules with tall heat-spreaders:

Note that the situation with the first DIMM slot may be better or worse on different mainboards: everything depends of their layout.


We intended to determine how Scythe Mine 2’s cooling efficiency depends on the position on the CPU and inside the system case, that is why we tested the cooler installed two different ways. In each position the cooler was tested with one and with two Scythe Slip Stream 140 fans:

We discovered that in neither case the performance of our Scythe Mine 2 depended on the way it was installed. The only thing I would like to draw your attention to is the fact that with a second fan or if the cooler was turned sideways by 90 degrees the second memory slot did get blocked.

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