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Acoustic Performance

The acoustic performance of all our testing participants was measured in their entire fan rotation speed range following our testing methodology described above. The results are summed up in the diagram and table below:

As we have expected, the 140 mm fan of our Scythe Mine 2 combined with a two-array heatsink operates noisier than a 120 mm Mugen 2 fan as well as Thermalright’s fan. Scythe Mine 2 remains acoustically comfortable up to 970-980 RPM and is really quiet only up to 840 RPM. As for the Scythe Mugen 2 fan, it is acoustically comfortable up to 1070 RPM and quiet up to 930 RPM. I also have to stress that Scythe Slip Stream doesn’t crackle or vibrate in its entire speed range, although anti-vibration pads between the heatsink and the fan could help lower the noise a little more.


Now that the Mine 2 is out, we can conclude that Scythe has completed a new attack on the super-cooler segment, although in our opinion, it wasn’t an absolute success. If we go back to our findings, we will see that by adding a second Scythe Slip Stream 140 fan we could bump up the efficiency of the new cooler to the level of Thermalright Archon (in standard configuration), and even then Scythe Mine 2 will remain lower-priced. But unfortunately, there is no second fan among the bundled accessories as well as no additional fan retention clips or any sort of anti-vibration parts. Moreover, we have big concerns about the efficiency of the top row of heatpipes, so it would be particularly interesting to see how it works with only four heatpipes, which, unfortunately, is impossible to accomplish.

Besides, Scythe is currently offering Mugen 2 cooler. Equipped with two 140 mm fans, it is more efficient than Mine 2, which creates certain doubts about the appeal of the latter. As for the drawbacks of the Scythe newcomer, we should definitely mention its inconvenient installation – it would be much easier to tighten the screws from the top of the mainboard rather than the bottom, like with many other super-coolers. And heavy weight of the cooler will hardly surprise anyone these days. Other than that, Mine 2 is universal, supports two ways of fan rotation speed adjustment, doesn’t block the first memory slot on the mainboard, is very well put together and sells at a very competitive price. Could be a great choice for an overclocker, don’t you think? 

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