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In my humble opinion, the Japanese Scythe Co., Ltd. is the leader among CPU cooling solution manufacturers. We arrived at this conclusion after estimating carefully the potential of Scythe’s main competitors. Take, for instance, Thermalright. Their coolers are of highest efficiency, but they are sold at very high prices. Besides, the evenness of their base plates leaves much to be desired, and the company could use a better developed dealer channel. The well-known Korean Zalman hasn’t offered much lately. They managed to score big in the beginning of this millennium, but have nothing but a known name left at this point. Thermaltake makes good coolers, which, however, come out pretty rarely. Even though we have to admit that the situation has been improving lately. ZEROtherm and the new ThermoLab are very rare guests in this market. Cooler Master seems to be the most dangerous Scythe’s competitor at this point, as this company offers not only cooling solutions with great price-to-efficiency ratio (Hyper TX 2, Hyper 212) but also expensive super-coolers, such as V8 and V10. Moreover, two more new cooling solutions from Cooler Master are coming out shortly. Besides, their coolers are very famous and spread world-wide. Have I missed anyone? Titan, ASUSTeK, Noctua and Xigmatek – these companies do not release new solutions that frequently and are not very well-known in the market. The only exception is Xigmatek: they make only cooling solutions with heatpipe direct-touch technology that doesn’t suit all contemporary processors.

Unlike competitors’ solutions, Scythe coolers are selling in all developed countries and stand out due to their very democratic pricing. The product range is quite diverse: starting with a compact and affordable Katana II and ending with an expensive gigantic Orochi. They update their product lineup with enviable regularity. Scythe announces new coolers every now and then. Among the already released new solutions, which we haven’t tested yet are Katana III (SCKTN-3000), REEVEN (RCCT-0901SP) or KILLER WHALE. Moreover, the company also offers a wide range of fans of different dimensions and applications as well as several other useful accessories. The only thing missing was one single cooler that could proudly bear the title of an absolute air-cooling leader. However, it turns out that Scythe closed this gap successfully with the just launched Mugen 2.

The first Infinity model appeared in the far away 2006. At that time Scythe Infinity cooler was recognized as one of the most efficient cooling solutions out there. Almost a year later, they launched second Infinity revision having changed its name to “Mugen”, which is the Japanese for “infinity”. At that time they only modified the fan (they installed a more high-performance and light-weight Slip Stream). Finally, in the beginning of 2009 Scythe launched a second revision of their Mugen cooler with a completely new heatsink design, new fan and different retention kit. But let’s start from the very beginning.

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